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A Deep Dive into a Successful Euro Swiss Franc Trade

Welcome back to Learn and Trade Forex, your premier hub for all things Forex trading. In today's blog, we're excited to share insights into a successful Euro Swiss Franc trade we executed last week. This trade wasn't just a stroke of luck; it was the result of meticulous planning, leveraging a top-down approach, and understanding the pivotal role of daily candles in trading.

The Essence of the Top-Down Approach

Our trading strategy always begins with a comprehensive analysis of the monthly timeframe. This initial step is crucial as it provides us with a bird's eye view of the market's overall trend and current dynamics. In this particular instance, our attention was caught by the market's downward trajectory and its recent break through a support level. It's a common market behavior to revisit a broken support or resistance level, and we noticed this pattern earlier in the month when the price began to reverse.

The December and January Market Movements

In December, the market witnessed a significant moment. The price dropped to a certain level, only to be pushed up slightly by the buyers. However, this push wasn't strong enough to surpass the starting point, culminating in a bearish close. Contrastingly, January saw the market opening at the same level, with the price dropping yet again. This time, buyers managed to exert more influence, leading to a bullish close on the weekly timeframe, thereby marking a support level at this price point. Despite the overall downtrend, this was a classic setup for a potential counter-trend trade.

Executing the Trade

Focusing on the Euro Swiss Franc pair, we identified that the price seemed inclined to rise. However, given the recent activity of sellers at the end of the week, a critical juncture was at hand. Our anticipation was that if the price could breach the level where sellers had recently gained ground, an upward movement would follow. Stationed at a level of monthly support, we placed a buy order, hoping to capitalize on this upward trajectory. This strategy paid off handsomely, netting us a gain of about 70-80 pips before we decided to exit the trade.

Why We Exited Early

Our decision to exit the trade relatively early was strategic. Being a counter-trend trade, it was imperative to lock in profits swiftly to avoid any potential market reversals. The nature of such trades demands caution and a keen eye for timing.

The Role of the Daily Candle

The daily candle was instrumental in this trade. It's a treasure trove of information about market momentum and can guide us in making decisions for long-term, short-term, and especially counter-trend trades. By analyzing the daily candle in conjunction with a top-down approach, we were able to spot a profitable trading opportunity.

Concluding Thoughts and Personalized Training

The success of our Euro Swiss Franc trade last week is a testament to the power of a well-executed strategy, rooted in a solid understanding of market trends and timeframes. By focusing on the monthly support level and incorporating the insights gained from the daily candle, we could confidently enter a counter-trend trade and secure substantial profits.

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We thank you for joining us on this journey through our trading process. Be sure to check out the attached video to witness the trade in action. Keep following Learn and Trade Forex for more valuable trading tips and strategies. Here's to your continued success in the Forex market!

Stay tuned for more insights, and happy trading! 📈💹

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